April 4, 2021

#1 - Jerry Won | Authentic Asian American Storyteller | Don’t obsess over the Destination

#1 - Jerry Won | Authentic Asian American Storyteller | Don’t obsess over the Destination

Podcasting is growing to become one of the mainstream media platforms, we are seeing more and more celebrities and sponsors getting in the game. The beauty of podcasts is the intimacy you can get directly with your audience, but there is still an apparent gap in the types of stories we are getting, so Jerry took it upon himself to build a media company to amplify the voices of Asian Americans. Here is our chat about how he left the corporate world to pursue his passion! 


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Jerry Won

Asian American Storyteller / Speaker

Jerry Won is a storyteller, brand builder, and community leader. He is the Founder & CEO of Just Like Media, an Asian American storytelling company whose podcast brands include Dear Asian Americans, MBAsians, The Janchi Show, and Asian Podcast Network and have partnered with McDonald's, US Census 2020, and US Dept of Health and Human Services.

He is a keynote speaker and workshop facilitator and has worked with organizations such as Johnson & Johnson, LEK Consulting, Horizon Media, and APABA. Jerry speaks on a variety of topics including authentic storytelling and the Asian American experience in the workplace.

Prior, he was a Senior Strategy Consultant at Accenture and sales leader at start-ups and F500 companies. Jerry has a BS from USC Marshall and an MBA from Michigan Ross, where he served as President of the Student Government Association. He has served in board and leadership roles of alumni organizations and community non profits.