June 6, 2021

#10 - Coco Chan | Personal Trainer | Value time over money

#10 - Coco Chan | Personal Trainer | Value time over money

Can you believe it?! It’s already the 10th episode of the new series, a small milestone but I love the small wins! So this week, I have one of my best friend on the show, Coco! She is by far the most active person I know on the planet, she lives and breathes the outdoor and is always up and about before the sunrises. We talked about our boarding school life, being abroad from a young age and of course how she made a switch from marketing to the fitness industry and is having the best relationship with than ever! 


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Coco Chan

Personal Trainer

Coco was working a full time office job, playing national team hockey, as well as coaching boxing on the side. A year ago, she left her office job, took the leap into the fitness world and hasn’t looked back since. Outside of her work, Coco is pretty gnarly at wakesurfing. If she's not boxing, playing hockey, or in the water, you can find her exploring some coastal paradise somewhere on this planet!!