July 18, 2021

#15 - Sophia Hotung | Illustrator & Writer | Enthusiasm over talent

#15 - Sophia Hotung | Illustrator & Writer | Enthusiasm over talent

Hong Kong is an amazing place to meet some amazing people. Well, I met this week’s guest, Sophia in the streets of Hong Kong! We had a genuine conversation about what work means for someone living with disability, what your identity is when your ‘productivity’ looks different to other people, how you come to terms with yourself to shape the work that suits you! Truly amazing mindset! 


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Sophia Hotung

Illustrator & Writer

Sophia is a disabled, Eurasian artist based in Hong Kong. She used to do a whole bunch of things — IT audit, crisis communications, business development, journalism — but kept flunking out of jobs and ending up in hospital because of autoimmune relapses and burnout.

In December 2020, she could barely use her hands. Sophia’s mum gifted her an iPad that turned out to be transformative. Within three months, she had inadvertently retrained her muscles by drawing using the app Procreate, which turned in The Hong Konger collection.

The Hong Konger is a series of 60 prints that subvert original New Yorker magazine covers to highlight, critique, or satirise elements of Hong Kong life. Some are unsettling, some are funny, some are celebratory — but all of them speak to the tapestry of what it means to be a "Hong Konger".

The Hong Konger prints will be ready for sale in September 2021 and The Hong Konger book will follow in December 2021. It will feature the 60 prints alongside essays and stories about and by Hong Kongers. It's my attempt to provide HKers with an opportunity to explore their own identities and what it means to be a Hong Konger during such a fraught and ambiguous chapter of our city's history.