July 25, 2021

#16 - Gigi Chan | Fitness coach and consultant | Work smarter not harder

#16 - Gigi Chan | Fitness coach and consultant | Work smarter not harder

It was only a matter a time I have Gigi on the podcast! Gigi is one of the most active people I know, she lives and breathes active lifestyle. Always smashing it in everything she does - she recently branched out to Shanghai to continue her career in fitness, redefining and always pushing the social norms! Here is her take in work and life! 


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Gigi Chan

Gigi grew up as an active child, spending most of her free time in the great outdoors. Having competed at a national level in different sports, she’s learned a lot about what you can gain from the game – namely connecting with yourself and others, stripping away what’s unnecessary, and focusing on challenging yourself and learning. With experience in the consumer goods industry, she understands the difference between what is luxury and what is necessity, and believes we always have a choice.