May 2, 2021

#5 - Akashdeep Gill | Chef | Do what you like

#5 - Akashdeep Gill | Chef | Do what you like

What we know now and what we know pre-COVID has drastically changed. Everything we thought was the norm is now a pleasure - including eating out! This week we have someone who turned their passion into a business - he simply started by making meal prep for his sister as a side project and it quickly turned into Grams 852. Here is how he did it! 


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Akashdeep Gill

Akashdeep is a young upcoming chef and the founder of his own healthy meal prep company GRAMS. He developed a passion for food at a very young age as he grew up spending summers at his father’s restaurant. This was the beginning of his love affair with everything food. When it came to choosing a career path he was fuelled by his passion and inspired to launch GRAMS. During his chef training he noticed there are several misconceptions about healthy food that it needs to be bland and tasteless. With GRAMS, Akashdeep aims to debunk these ideas and be a pioneer in providing freshly made, delicious yet nutritious meals.