May 16, 2021

#7 - Emily Tan | Mental Health Advocate | Find your stimulation

#7 - Emily Tan | Mental Health Advocate | Find your stimulation

The definition of Health should include physical, mental and spiritual altogether. Emily has experienced the ups and downs at both ends and knows firsthand the repercussions that could happen if we continue to neglect health. She could easily go off the grid after her cancer diagnose, but she is determined to use the power in her story to help others take ownership in their mental health.


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Emily Tan

Podcaster, Cancer Fighter

Emily is a Malaysian fitness guru, performer and mental health advocate based in Hong Kong. Her professional career in fitness was brought to an abrupt halt when she was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia a few years ago – changing her path to confront a new reality where every aspect of her life needed to be reevaluated. She is also the producer and host of podcasts - Tacklingminds and Jitchatpodcast.