January 10, 2021
7 - I Wish I Was An Influencer With Flowers In My Hair

Ohhh what I would do to be born in the 2000s. Where the internet is on fleek and everything is so woahhh. Technology was a very different thing when I was growing up. WorkArt and Pinball were the best apps, where today TikTok...

Ohhh what I would do to be born in the 2000s. Where the internet is on fleek and everything is so woahhh. Technology was a very different thing when I was growing up. WorkArt and Pinball were the best apps, where today TikTok and Instagram takes the crown. We also talk about how the memes culture have evolved from the original planking and Harlem Shake. Memes are now so commonly used, what will this mean for the future?! 




1994 was a big big year for Pop culture. Pulp Function was released, Friends, Lion King just to name a few. Too bad I was 7 months old with a peanut brain. 

When I was growing up the Internet was going through their teenager years. The internet can walk and talk, but they have lots of hormones, they would throw hissy fits and just completely shuts down - that’s why wifi was so unstable. 

Today the Internet is in their soaring 20s. Absolutely flying with all these new apps and platforms. I always think it would be cool to grow up in an era where anyone can literally do anything with a swipe of a finger. 

This is why I wish I was born in the 2000s where the Internet is done with puberty and well into adult life. I wish I was born in this decade where you are at the rise of Netflix and memes. Gen Z today have the mature, grown-up, wedded Justin Bieber. All we got was the Hair Flip Bieber and his monkey! 

If there was a remake of ‘I wish I was a Punk Rocker’ for now, it would go ‘I wish I was an influencer with flowers in my head, in 2020 Internet Evolution was in the air, I was born too soon to the world who buy their likes, oh I wish I was an influencer with flowers in my head’.

Aw thank you guys, thank you. You are far too kind.

90s was still cool in our way. But 14 year old then and 14-year-olds now are completely different. I think we are the last generation who will remember phones without the Internet. We are the last ones to know if you want a phone that will never break, you go get a Nokia. A Nokia phone simply does not break, you can run it with a car and your high score on Snakes will still be on there.

My favourite was the Flip phone. Flip phones gave you a bit of character, just gave you a bit of an edge. It’s like how smoking was cool when you were younger. Same Energy. The coolest of cools is when you dramatically hang up a phone call with the flick of a wrist *SLAP* then you take a puff because your mum wouldn’t let you hang out with your friends at the park. 

For those who know only knows about iPhone and touchscreen, we used to have this thing called Keypads. Phones back then were very simple and for sure wasn’t built for arguing via text. 

Because we also used to have this thing called word limit for texting. You text would not send if it’s long, and it will break in up into 2 separate texts, and you don’t want to do that. Because it also took up 2 free texts on the cheapest Orange plan. Yes, not only we had word limit on texts, but we also had limited texts. 

It’s funny how much we take texting for granted.

So your argument had to be concise and straight to the point. There is no room to soften the blow, you just get straight into it. 


But phones nowadays are obviously much much better. We basically have all the answers in the world and I can find out that a group of crows is called murder within seconds. Why do we need to know that? No idea. But the point is we have all the access now. 

The Internet obviously brought a HUGE HUGE plus to our lives. we all have platforms to voice our opinions, the power to the consumers! 

Okay, let’s bring it back further. Does anyone remember when we didn’t use the computer for the internet? 

I am sure a lot of you did it as well but I would then go on Paint to draw lines across the whole page and just fill the holes with colours, but only using Blue and Green. And eventually, you have the Earth, 2D of course. 

I also just used Word for fun. I didn’t need to write an essay but I needed to create cool WordArt titles for all my homework. 

Bean Dairy - All in capital letters. Light Blue colour with squiggly line. Blow it up to Font 46, Centred format. Transition - Dissolve. 

If anyone is feeling nostalgic, there is a fan website of WordArt https://makewordart.com - go check it out and I came across it when I was doing this Podcast. It’s fantastic.

Then the Internet took a dark turn. Remember planking? Planking was this big phenomenon that involves people lying face down in a public place - the stranger the better. I remember it was such a strange thing, the BBC wrote a piece and titled “Who, What, Why: What is planking?” People would do it in classrooms, top of buildings, in the middle of the road. Then it eventually got banned in some places because too many white kids were dying. 

Then we had the Mannequin Challenge and Harlem Shake which you would get as many people as they can in one room and to record these elaborate scenes of not moving for the Mannequin Challenge or just flipping out for the Harlem Shake. 

Just pure random weird shakes in any direction with your whole body to the music. Celebrities, of course, got involved, people like Paul McCartney, Britney Spears, Ellen DeGeneres, Taylor Swift. It was a big thing, there was no real purpose to it. I hate to say it but in some parts of the world, this was just called having a stroke. 

A few years later, puberty hit the Internet and it was just one massive horny fest so Tinder came along.

We can pretty much order sex with a swipe of a finger and its all pretty transactional. I once saw this profile that says “I gag on my toothbrush, don’t get too excited boys.” 

Dating on Tinder is dangerous, I admire people who still go on it. Because for all you know, you are sexting 6 girls instead of 1. You have to send a message thinking how it will look on a screenshot. I can’t take that much pressure I feel personally attacked from Netflix when they ask me “Are you still watching?”. The deal was that I can watch as much as I want, why are you always on my case.

We always make fun of a lot of white people on how they don’t really speak a 2nd language or don’t experience other cultures. This is not true anymore. Apart from English, they can now also speak Internet Lingo. Through memes and emojis. I never learned the alphabet in school, so this is really handy for me. See this is why I was made for this generation. 

Memes is another great internet phenomenon. I get the news now through memes. I first heard about the possibility of WW3 because of memes. I wake up to memes from my friends. No one sends morning texts anymore, we all wake up to Grumpy Cat and Evil Kermets.

There is a website called “Know Your Meme”. It documents all the memes in the world, catchphrases, trends, all that kind of stuff. The sad thing or the weird thing is that people of power in this world saw the potential in this and started developing content around politics. It is used to sway perception, it’s for the election, businesses now use Hashtags and memes to promote their campaigns. What this means for the future. Well, in 20 years time, there will be questions like this in the public exams.

 Which of the following meme best describe the feeling of COVID-19 crisis in 2020 and Why? 

  1. A picture of unimpressed Kim Kardashian watching a Home workout video “hmm awesome job honey” 
  2. The year is 2075. “Grandma, why do you like sitting outside so much?” Me “There was a time when this was illegal I tell ya” 
  3. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle - and its a picture of the aisle on a plane 
  4. Maybe if I develop feelings for COVID 19, it will leave
  5. Realising your lifestyle was called Quarantine 

Today, the internet is mind-blowing. Platforms like Instagram and Facebook, they are just taking over the world. And I don’t think that’s a bad thing at all. I think it’s a brilliant platform and I think we all just need to use it in a much much better way collectively. 

Every single one of us, everybody is online, even our parents and grandparents use Facebook. I am 26 this year, and for the first time in my life, I feel a bit old. I keep seeing these memes that say I am Nokia Phone old. I am Youtube with the brown tv old. I was working from home during Corona.  And that there is stone-age for the internet.