May 30, 2021

#9 - Shinn Kawasaki | Videographer | People like you for you

#9 - Shinn Kawasaki | Videographer | People like you for you

I have another incredible podcast for you! Shinn and I met through the footballing world here in Hong Kong. He is a genuine jack of all trades, he is a Videographer by trade, Commercial Model, Footballer, Surfer, Youtuber, Podcaster, the list goes on…. And he does all in the name of PASSION. He managed to merged all his interests together into his work and shared some really solid advice he got from others in his journey!


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Shinn Kawasaki

Shinn is a Japanese/Korean born in Hong Kong with a passion for filmmaking and photography. He worked on all sorts of production jobs both in front of and behind the camera on TV & Commercial sets.

In 2014, he founded Twenty One Visuals, in order to fully utilise his passion for video production, he believes we live in an exciting time where corporate and individual brands can gain a huge advantage by paying greater attention to the use of video and online marketing.