Hello! I was born in Hong Kong and studied in the UK  since the age of 9 and returned home to kickstart my professional career after university.

I am a recruiter by trade. Everyday I see firsthand how many people have no idea what they want to do or even what their job is really all about. Our relationship with work has always been in a negative light and everyone hates Monday.

But why should it be this way. Work is huge part of our identity as a person, it shapes our lifestyle and our communities so imagine how much more fun we can have if we actually loved our jobs?!


Turtle is my spirit animal. They are very adaptable across water and land. They come across very chill and wise. Plus they symbolises endurance, persistence, continuation of life - just like humans!

I love the ocean and the outdoors, so naturally I wanted to include this feeling in the podcast.

I also started a comedy podcast 'Awkward Turtle' previously, that are just 10 minutes long solo podcast. The theme are just everyday life funny encounters, experiences in living abroad from a young age.