🙋🏻‍♂️Hello Humans! This is Emery and I want to help people reconnect with their humanity, to find their individuality even if the journey is awkward - simply because We are humans and we will always be awkward. It’s just part of being human!

I have boarded in the UK from when I was 9 and returned to Hong Kong after my studies. Have always loved being around people, have always been fascinated by the power in helping each other.

🧑🏻‍💼Having been in recruitment for 6years+, I listen to stories on why people hate their boss, hate their job and always looking out for a ‘better opportunity, then I noticed a pattern.

Turns out, most of us have the wrong priorities in place. We are not thinking about ourselves first. We are looking at the external factor such as pay, stability, bragging rights, mum’s happinesss, status, the list goes on and on… We automatically limit ourselves on what is possible for us!
🎙🐢So In 2021, I turned this into a passion project of mine. ‘Awkward Turtle At Work’ was born - an interview-style podcast that talks to various amazing humans who loves their work and embrace the awkwardness in starting something for themselves. People who choose to pursue an unconventional career path in order to be their authentic self. The aim is to share these stories and along the way inspire people to have a better relationship with work and encourage humans to really think about why they work. The ultimate goal is help you find your 'Work Lifestyle' that suits you!” 

💪🏼Work is a huge part of our identity as a person, it shapes our lifestyle and our communities so imagine how much more fun we can have if we actually loved our jobs?!

So every week, I talk to amazing humans who see work as a lifestyle (Crazy right? I know, just hear me out). We talk about what got them where they are, their relationships and identity with work, and all the highs and lows of finding what suits you best.

🔴 Since then I have become a TEDx Speaker, founding member of Launchpad by Honeycombers, a Corporate Speaker, and LGBT+ advocate!


Turtle is my spirit animal. They are very adaptable across water and land. They come across very chill and wise. Plus they symbolises endurance, persistence, continuation of life - just like humans!

I love the ocean and the outdoors, so naturally I wanted to include this feeling in the podcast.

I also started a comedy podcast 'Awkward Turtle' previously, that are just 10 minutes long solo podcast. The theme are just everyday life funny encounters, experiences in living abroad from a young age.