April 11, 2022

3 things you can do when the results are not going your way

3 things you can do when the results are not going your way


I don’t know about you guys but this happens all the time for me. Even know I know this is not true but sometimes I can’t help to think success is linear. But success actually looks like this. 



At the beginning I use to get so upset and I kind of get stuck in this frustration and whatever follows in that day is irritating to me which leads to more frustration.

I used to get like this over the smallest but most everyday life things - like not sticking to my calendar, not ticking off my 10,000 tasks I set on the to-do list.  

And overtime, I developed this framework for myself whenever I feel this way again. 


1 - Checking your perspective


As the world and society develop, there are going to be more and more things we can’t control. The same if your business grows - you will have less and less control. 

So the first thing I do is check my perspective - was this my own doing? This usually means there is a way to fix it if you caused the initial problem, or was this something I would not be able to avoid regardless of what I do. 

A lot of the time, it may not be your fault that results didn’t go your way. But how you react and respond to it is what matters. 

Try and stay calm. This is probably the hardest thing to master because when we feel stressed or underachieved, we tend to make ourselves busy - to almost overcompensate. 

Clear mindedness helps you navigate difficult situations. Bad days will come and go, let none of that phase you. 

Go for a walk, go make a cup of tea, clean the toilets. Anything that can just snap your mind out of it for just 5 mins. 

There is so much scientific research that shows even when entering a new physical environment or a new room can change your perspective. I promise you will instantly feel better. 

Results are simply a metric that helps you to understand how your business is going.

It doesn’t define everything about your business, nor it defines you completely. Don’t be too hard on yourself and think too negatively. There will always be an alternative solution. 

There will be some truth to you about why you failed, but there will always be a lesson to learn. Don’t confuse mistakes and setbacks as a failure. 

The ones who are able to bounce back from setbacks the best are the ones who will succeed ultimately. 


2 - Goal Setting 

The 2nd thing I do is to review my goals.

Goal setting is very important but it doesn’t mean the goals have to be set in stone forever. Look at the last 2 years, it is virtually impossible to set business goals, sometime unexpected things happen that will just be outside of your control. 

What was your goal? I find sometimes I set a goal for myself and for some reason I will start daydreaming and change my goal mentally and get upset if I don’t reach it. 

You also need to think about what you set is actually realistic. There is an old saying - you don’t know what you don’t know. So is it just a matter of adjusting your goal because the situation has changed or is it about learning how to set a more accurate goal.


3 - Use Humour 

Laughter is always the best medicine. It is also the most natural and cost-free method of reducing stress, anxiety and tension. It will also help you with checking your perspective. 

But I want I mean by that is not to go on Instagram and look at cat videos. I mean that definitely helps but what is more impactful is the ability to laugh at yourself. 

There is this book - The Psychology of Humour, this ability to shift perspectives enables people with a strong sense of humour to distance themselves from the immediate “distressing nature of the situation and . . . reduce the often-paralysing feelings of anxiety and helplessness. 

There is lots of research that back this up. A study found that when female executives had a strong sense of humour and optimism, they interpreted undesirable life events more positively, and they experienced less burnout than female executives with a less strong sense of humour. 

So next time, when you are feeling down and stressed. Maybe try just amplifying your problem to the max, exaggerating the problem that is so ridiculous it becomes amusing. 

Maybe try telling your colleague what happened in a short, funny way - almost you are playing a stand-up comedian. 

Or make content with it! Make a post or a reel about your frustration. Share your frustration with the world at the same time you can promote your identity as an Entrepreneur. It will come across as authentic and may even land you a client? Who knows. 


Let me know how you get on and if you have other tips that works!