April 25, 2022

❌Don’t follow your passion, find your work lifestyle instead

Don’t follow your passion, find your work lifestyle instead 

On the podcast, we talk a lot about finding your passion and I must admit it was not well-thought-out. 

Following your passion is not bad advice, it is just not a complete advice. It’s part of very good advice. 

The more interviews I do, the more I realise the word ‘passion’ is just a small contributing factor to a happy life, and there is a wide misconception that once you find your passion, you will be happy - including myself! 

Passion = Happiness = Problem all goes away 


Let’s start with passion DOESN’T MEAN 

Passion is NOT a job 

Passion is NOT a career path 

Passion is NOT happiness 

Just because you are passionate about something, it doesn’t mean you will get paid for it, nor you should

Just because you are passionate about something, it doesn’t mean you will be good at that said thing 

Just because you are passionate about something ,it doesn’t mean other people will care about it too 


If you literally look up the word passion - it has nothing to do with work or happiness. 

Passion is merely a strong feeling and an emotion you often cannot control. It stands for something that is valuable to you. 

Passion is a by-product of doing something you love. It is not an outcome or a path we can follow. 

Finding your passion almost neglect the consideration of ability. If we think about it, no one will call something a passion they suck at. 

Finding your passion actually finding the feeling of being passionate. 

Being passionate should mean, you genuinely enjoy it even know there are aspects of it you won’t like. You should be good at and it should help you to be your authentic self. It’s supposed to elevate all areas of life for you. 

Yes, passion is integral to happiness, especially when it comes to your work life, but only if you have the other factors in place.  


So I think what is a piece of more holistic advice is to find your ‘Work Lifestyle’ instead. 

Work should play a role in helping you achieve that lifestyle you want. You shouldn’t be shaping your life around work. 

Work Lifestyle means being in the line of work that contributes to and elevates your overall lifestyle. 

Having a good Work Lifestyle will consist of: 


Autonomy - Feeling of control and freedom 

Competence - Feeling of mastery, something you are skilled at, something you are better than most people at. It is also important that this skill can constantly evolve 

Impact - Feeling of you are able to make a difference as small as helping the business run smoothly all to the way to the scale of impacting the world 

Reward - Financial, Perks, Benefits, Engagement, Stimulation

Essentially - what people mean by ‘follow your passion’ is what follows once you find something you are passionate AND good at AND you can offer a value to get paid for.