Feb. 28, 2022

🐢Why being an Awkward Turtle is going to propel you forward

Why being an Awkward Turtle is going to propel you forward 🎯

Aside from my weird admiration of turtles, I named the podcast Awkward Turtle At Work for a reason. I like the word ‘Awkward’. 

Now I don’t think I am an Awkward person (or my friends might beg to differ) but I believe being awkward is the key to having a happy, successful life 💫

First, let’s talk about what being ‘Awkward’ actually means. 

Awkwardness is a word we use to describe a situation that is hard to deal with. We feel uneasy while in that situation. We usually use it in a negative light 🥴

And if you think about it more, awkwardness is often a feeling we assign to a situation ourselves - a very subjective feeling. What I find awkward may not be awkward to others. What others find awkward may not be awkward to me. (How many times we can say awkward in this blog?)

It’s almost all in our head, being awkward or feeling awkward. It’s an easy label, a throwaway comment we use for something we are uncomfortable with or things we don’t want to deal with. 


So my question is, is being awkward always a bad thing? Is being uncomfortable a bad thing? 🧐

I think no. I think awkwardness can be a superpower that can propel you forward in life for 2 main reasons. 

High Emotional Awareness

It takes a certain sensitivity and attention to detail to detect awkwardness, some people just never find anything awkward! People who have high sensitivity can pick up social cues that others miss. They usually have a high degree of empathy, have a strong sense of fairness and justice, often very passionate and innovative. These traits also demonstrate good leadership, they value others. 

Most importantly - It means you are learning  

Often when we say awkward, we mean a situation that is unfamiliar and uneasy. This means you are outside of your comfort zone - which ultimately means YOU ARE LEARNING SOMETHING NEW.


Let’s take a motor skill for example. You are learning a golf swing. I guarantee you, you feel awkward about everything. Your hands feel awkward, your hips feel awkward, your back feels awkward and you feel awkward because everyone is watching you at the tee, you don’t know what to do with your legs. You then start questioning why you are even here. 

But after a few swings, things starts to get less awkward. That’s because you are starting to be familiar with the movement and know what to expect. The awkwardness fades away. This is how you learn a skill. 


How about an awkward conversation then? You are just chatting away and randomly a taboo subject comes up, I don’t know, maybe about Sex or Religion or Politics. Things start to get awkward. 

This is an indication to me that you probably have something to learn here. You probably have gaps of knowledge in this topic and don’t feel comfortable just saying what you know. 

You should focus here than on asking questions! Be curious and ask away about what you are not sure about. Chances are you will be pleasantly surprised at how many takeaways you can get from these conversations. 

Aside from learning, you might gain respect from others for being curious, for being honest and holding your hand up and saying you don’t know but you would love to learn about it. And who knows? That might be how you meet the person you marry. 

Have I changed your mind on being awkward yet?     

P.s. I used awkward 31 times. This is how much I love being awkward (now 32 times).