March 28, 2022

🚩Why Work Life balance is bullsh*t

Why Work-Life balance is bullsh*t


Honestly Work-life balance as a work perk is a massive RED FLAG for me. Quite frankly, it makes no sense. How job ads have we seen that says 'Work-Life Balance' as a perk?! 

Work + Life should never be a balancing act. What we do at work strongly determines how we live. 

As much as we love to forget about work as soon as it hits 6 pm, work shapes our life. 

We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping, spend another 1/3 of our life working and we spend the remaining 1/3 on what we call downtime across evenings and weekends. Mathematically, it just doesn’t even make sense. 

Now, if we have learned anything in the past 2 years it would be our perception of work and everyday life. Our idea of stability has completely changed overnight. 

But one thing has been constant. That is most people still hate their jobs and hates Monday. Work is always a word we avoid during evenings and weekends. But why should it be this way? Work is a huge part of our identity as a person, it shapes our lifestyle and our communities. It determines where and how you live, what hobbies can you afford, what trips can you go on. So imagine how much more fun we can have if we actually loved our jobs?!

I know it may sound crazy, but wait...

First, we need to reshape the perception of work. Work doesn’t have to be depressing and mundane. Work should be a driver, a platform to the life you want. I like to call it Work Lifestyle. 

In a world where we can customise condoms, why not customise our jobs. Anyone can be anyone, and I mean anyone. You can be a Full-time Netflix viewer, you can be a Private Island Caretaker, you can be a Bed Tester. You can even be a declutter. 

Work should be a factor when considering your lifestyle. Work should cater to the lifestyle you want, not a balance that we cope with.

1/3 of our lives at work. This translates to 90,000 hours, half of our waking life, that’s 50 straight years of our lives! It is insane how comfortable we are with working 5 days for a job they don’t enjoy, in exchange for 2 days of freedom. 

So what if we value our time over money. Wouldn’t that change everything? 

If you are a mum of 3, you should look for a job that can cater to your needs. Not a job that will offer you ‘flexibility’ as a favour after you begged them for years. 

If you are a night owl (which scientifically is real! You can read more about it here), you should find a job that can have a later start, not a job that pays you just for showing up at 9 am.

If you want to start a side hustle and have a personal goal of being financially free like me, find a job that can offer you the time and room to do so. Not a job that will suck the energy out of you and leave you with no inspiration to do anything else. 

Work should feed into the lifestyle that we need. It’s time to change the narrative about work. 

If you are miserable at work, why not be miserable at chasing something you love. Okay, maybe that doesn’t sound right. 

What I mean is. I am not saying leaving a stable job for a passion is going to be easy. I am not saying not doing a ‘regular’ or a ‘ conventional’ job will fix all your problems. But if it’s tough anyway, why don’t you try to design that clothing line you are always thinking about, why not finish writing that book you started 5 years ago, even if your passion is just to have quality time with your dog. 


It is now up to us, the everyday people. Historically, that is how change has happened. You might think pursuing a passion career is a luxury, we all have bills to pay, mouths to feed, but being curious and engaged should be our basic autonomy as humans.

In very simple terms, all I am trying to say is - Just be human first, we are gifted this amazing mind and body. Do the things that is beneficial to YOU and to you only! Find whatever work will align to your personal goals. 

Just think about how cool is it to wake up and not to count down the hours. How great it must feel to not hate Mondays and actually appreciate Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays...

Remember Work is a Lifestyle, not a Balance!