May 09, 2021

#6 - Claire Marie Lim aka. dolltr!ck | Music Technologist | Work hard, stay humble and don’t be late

Everyone wants to give back to their community but not everyone feels comfortable to until they are ‘successful’. This is the the opposite for Claire aka. dolltr!ck. This week we talk about the world of Music, specifically Mu...


May 02, 2021

#5 - Akashdeep Gill | Chef | Do what you like

What we know now and what we know pre-COVID has drastically changed. Everything we thought was the norm is now a pleasure - including eating out! This week we have someone who turned their passion into a business - he simply ...


April 25, 2021

#4 - Lara Quie | Executive Coach, Ex-Lawyer | Come out of your shell

This week we have the amazing Lara Quie on the show! She has had what people would consider to be a very successful career, an Oxford Graduate Lawyer. For Lara, this was not enough. She made a hard decision to leave the legal...


April 18, 2021

#3 - 陳婉婷(牛丸) | Football Coach | 因為相信所以看見

There is still so much stigma around aspiring athletes or entering sports as a career. Today we have 陳婉婷(牛丸) who is the first-ever female football coach to have led a professional men’s football team in top flight football. S...


April 11, 2021

#2 - J Lou | Content Creator | Don’t listen to your doubts

If you are a performer at heart then content creation may be for you! Listen to my chat with J Lou on how she started this journey just because she took it up as an interest, a real life example how you can turn your interest...


April 04, 2021

#1 - Jerry Won | Authentic Asian American Storyteller | Don’t obsess over the Destination

Podcasting is growing to become one of the mainstream media platforms, we are seeing more and more celebrities and sponsors getting in the game. The beauty of podcasts is the intimacy you can get directly with your audience, ...


March 26, 2021

Awkward Turtle At Work Trailer!

Hello Humans! Welcome to new and improved Awkward Turtle - Season 2. The Awkward Turtle - At Work. This podcast is all about people, passion and profession. With me, your host, Emery. Now, the reason why I wanted to do a podc...