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#16 - Gigi Chan | Fitness coach and consultant | Work smarter not harder

July 25, 2021

It was only a matter a time I have Gigi on the podcast! Gigi is one of the most active people I know, she lives and breathes active lifestyle. Always smashing it in everything she does - she recently branched out to Shanghai to continue her career in fitness, redefining and always pushing the socia…

Guest: Gigi Chan

#15 - Sophia Hotung | Illustrator & Writer | Enthusiasm over talent

July 18, 2021

Hong Kong is an amazing place to meet some amazing people. Well, I met this week’s guest, Sophia in the streets of Hong Kong! We had a genuine conversation about what work means for someone living with disability, what your identity is when your ‘productivity’ looks different to other people, how y…

Guest: Sophia Hotung

#14 - Regina Larko | Podcaster, Founder of #Impact | Allow yourself to have doubts

July 11, 2021

Regina is one of the people who pushed me to start podcasting, but without her knowing! That is the power of this platform, everyone can have a voice on here, every story is valid, and you never know how one story can change someone’s life. Have a listen to why she fell in love with audio! Follow G…

Guest: Regina Larko

#13 - Dan Dan Zhu | Founder & CEO, DG Recruit | When you are special, you earn special money

June 27, 2021

Everyone wants to retire early. Well Dan Dan did it when she was 28 🤯, and nope she wasn’t born with a sliver spoon in her mouth and nope she didn’t have a leg up or have any special talents. In fact, she was the babysitter’s daughter. But she found a way, listen to how she made herself special to …

Guest: Dan Dan Zhu

#12 - Moonie Chu | Professional Fencer | Don’t stop and have faith

June 20, 2021

🤺We have an Olympian in the house!!! I hope everyone is as excited as I am, life as an Athlete is something I’ve always been jealous of! This chat was even more interesting because Moonie is also an influencer - talk about Modern Olympian eh?! Moonie shared her journey from Lindsay Lohan to the fen…

Guest: Moonie Chu

#11 - Mabel Lau | Calligrapher | You have to try a lot of things

June 13, 2021

What’s in your head when you hear Chinese Calligraphy? A retired old man who studied Chinese Literature? This is further from the truth - Mabel doesn’t see knowing Chinese as the basic requirement in Chinese Calligraphy, nor you have to be old. Chinese Calligraphy is so much more than just writing …

Guest: Mabel Lau

#10 - Coco Chan | Personal Trainer | Value time over money

June 6, 2021

Can you believe it?! It’s already the 10th episode of the new series, a small milestone but I love the small wins! So this week, I have one of my best friend on the show, Coco! She is by far the most active person I know on the planet, she lives and breathes the outdoor and is always up and about b…

Guest: Coco Chan

#9 - Shinn Kawasaki | Videographer | People like you for you

May 30, 2021

I have another incredible podcast for you! Shinn and I met through the footballing world here in Hong Kong. He is a genuine jack of all trades, he is a Videographer by trade, Commercial Model, Footballer, Surfer, Youtuber, Podcaster, the list goes on…. And he does all in the name of PASSION. He man…


#8 - Aydian Dowling | Transgender Activist | It’s never as scary as you think

May 23, 2021

Oh my! Oh my! Oh my! I don’t know how I pulled this off but I managed to get the incredible Aydian Dowling on the show! He is the first-ever transgender male to be on the front cover of Men’s Health Magazine, 2 time guest on THE Ellen Degeneres show and most importantly, he is a dad and trans activ…


#7 - Emily Tan | Mental Health Advocate | Find your stimulation

May 16, 2021

The definition of Health should include physical, mental and spiritual altogether. Emily has experienced the ups and downs at both ends and knows firsthand the repercussions that could happen if we continue to neglect health. She could easily go off the grid after her cancer diagnose, but she is de…

Guest: Emily Tan

#6 - Claire Marie Lim aka. dolltr!ck | Music Technologist | Work hard, stay humble and don’t be late

May 9, 2021

Everyone wants to give back to their community but not everyone feels comfortable to until they are ‘successful’. This is the the opposite for Claire aka. dolltr!ck. This week we talk about the world of Music, specifically Music Technology for young female artists. Claire shares her story in findin…


#5 - Akashdeep Gill | Chef | Do what you like

May 2, 2021

What we know now and what we know pre-COVID has drastically changed. Everything we thought was the norm is now a pleasure - including eating out! This week we have someone who turned their passion into a business - he simply started by making meal prep for his sister as a side project and it quickl…


#4 - Lara Quie | Executive Coach, Ex-Lawyer | Come out of your shell

April 25, 2021

This week we have the amazing Lara Quie on the show! She has had what people would consider to be a very successful career, an Oxford Graduate Lawyer. For Lara, this was not enough. She made a hard decision to leave the legal industry and since has set up multiple successful businesses all stemming…

Guest: Lara Quie

#3 - 陳婉婷(牛丸) | Football Coach | 因為相信所以看見

April 18, 2021

There is still so much stigma around aspiring athletes or entering sports as a career. Today we have 陳婉婷(牛丸) who is the first-ever female football coach to have led a professional men’s football team in top flight football. She has broke through the glass ceiling and won multiple personal awards, b…


#2 - J Lou | Content Creator | Don’t listen to your doubts

April 11, 2021

If you are a performer at heart then content creation may be for you! Listen to my chat with J Lou on how she started this journey just because she took it up as an interest, a real life example how you can turn your interests into your own reality. Let me know what you think! Follow J Lou on: Inst…

Guest: J Lou

#1 - Jerry Won | Authentic Asian American Storyteller | Don’t obsess over the Destination

April 4, 2021

Podcasting is growing to become one of the mainstream media platforms, we are seeing more and more celebrities and sponsors getting in the game. The beauty of podcasts is the intimacy you can get directly with your audience, but there is still an apparent gap in the types of stories we are getting,…

Guest: Jerry Won

Awkward Turtle At Work Trailer!

March 26, 2021

Hello Humans! Welcome to new and improved Awkward Turtle - Season 2. The Awkward Turtle - At Work. This podcast is all about people, passion and profession. With me, your host, Emery. Now, the reason why I wanted to do a podcast about work, is because I have realised something quite bad and unhealt…


13 - If I were a boy (Season Finale!🐢)

March 7, 2021

SEASON FINALE!! Thank you so much for listening in the last few months. This is by far the best project I’ve worked on by myself and I hope every single one of you enjoyed it as much as I have. This last episode of the series is a personal one but rest assured there are still a few twists and jokes…