March 26, 2021

Awkward Turtle At Work Trailer!

Hello Humans! Welcome to new and improved Awkward Turtle - Season 2. The Awkward Turtle - At Work. This podcast is all about people, passion and profession. With me, your host, Emery. Now, the reason why I wanted to do a podc...


March 07, 2021

13 - If I were a boy (Season Finale!🐢)

SEASON FINALE!! Thank you so much for listening in the last few months. This is by far the best project I’ve worked on by myself and I hope every single one of you enjoyed it as much as I have. This last episode of the series...


February 21, 2021

12 - 99 problems and pockets are one

It seems like today every news is bad news. There are so many unjust and inequality embedded in today’s society, right down to our pockets. I am not joking, pockets inequality is a real thing.


February 14, 2021

11 - Lunar New Year, The God of Wealth

HAPPY LUNAR NEW YEAR!! This is the biggest holiday for Chinese culture and one of the biggest holidays in the world. There are so many traditions and customs to look at, so so many cool things happen during this week. In thi...


February 07, 2021

10 - I Eat for Survival

This marks the 10th Episode of Awkward Turtle! For this small milestone, I will be talking about one of the most common languages across the world. Food. Everyone loves food. Everyone enjoys a good meal. Especially living in ...


January 24, 2021

9 - Are You The Same Or Are You Normal?

Since I have thrown my girlfriend under the bus in the last episode, it’s only fair to throw myself under the bus in the following week. This episode is around a few quirks and strong opinions I have. I share some of my value...


January 17, 2021

8 - Dating Someone Who Is (book) Smart

They always say the secret of dating is that you should find someone who has common interests, someone who can make you better and someone who has the same values as you. I have not listened to that advice and here is how it ...


January 10, 2021

7 - I Wish I Was An Influencer With Flowers In My Hair

Ohhh what I would do to be born in the 2000s. Where the internet is on fleek and everything is so woahhh. Technology was a very different thing when I was growing up. WorkArt and Pinball were the best apps, where today TikTok...


January 03, 2021

6 - I Am Not Very Bright

My parents spotted I wasn’t going to be the sharpest tool in the box, so they sent me to a boarding school to build CHARACTER. A chance for me to thrive, a place where not only academic matters. My life took a very different ...


December 31, 2020

BONUS EP - Happy New Year!!!

2020 has been an eventful year, to say the least. We all discovered things about ourselves that we shouldn't know for example how many hours we can stay in Pjs for. 2021 just need to get here now. Happy New Year!


December 27, 2020

5 - AA, Asian Arsenal

They say it’s the hopes that kills you as an Arsenal fan. This is very true and even more true when you are living 10,000 miles across the world. Waking up at 3am to watch Arsenal is a whole other experience on its own. Being...


December 20, 2020

4 - Growing Up With 2 Cultures

Western and Asian values are extremely different. I have learned that sometimes the off-colour comments is unintentional, ignorance or just flat out racist. We also talk about what is the best way to react if this awful thing...


December 13, 2020

2 - Life after Coronavirus

CORONAVIRUS CORONAVIRUS CORONAVIRUS The most talked about topic of 2020. 2020 is the year that we all re-confirmed that most men in power are a bit of a fraud. The world pretty much collapsed and there will be a ‘new normal’ ...


December 13, 2020

3 - Keeping Up With the Footballers

Football is a macho man sport, a place for grown men. Well, I beg to differ. Football has been marketed externally as a macho sport. But really it’s a reality TV show for men. Transfer window, new player unveiling, awards sho...


December 13, 2020

1 - Guide to Hong Kong - Fatal Van

Hong Kong - one of the biggest city in the world. Known for its fast-paced and efficiency, the city truly never sleeps, the powerhouse of Asia. A city where 7-11 is king, and 5 mins equals forever. Convenience and speed is th...


December 13, 2020

The Awkward Turtle Trailer!

Listen. Here’s the deal. You give me approx 10 mins and 39 seconds a week and I will give you a few things that everyone wants. I will give you confidence, you will feel more attractive and I will give you happiness. Because ...