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Dan Dan Zhu

Founder & CEO, DG Recruit

Dandan fell in love with the recruitment business since 2011 when she started her career at a top international headhunting firm, quickly becoming a life sciences sales and recruiting expert, setting up new divisions from scratch including executive search where she worked with C-level candidates for leadership opportunities at biotech, pharmaceutical, and VC firms nationwide.

Through consistent top performance and a series of successful investments, Dandan became an entrepreneur setting up her career coaching business, Dandan Global in 2016, and DG Recruit in 2018. She travels frequently to coach top recruitment professionals and firms in every major city and speak about topics including sales, personal development, and strategies for life and career success. Dandan also hosts 2 podcasts, the DG Recruit Podcast and Daily DANDAN Podcast, to help job-seekers and recruiters get ahead in their life and careers.


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Everyone wants to retire early. Well Dan Dan did it when she was 28 🤯, and nope she wasn’t born with a sliver spoon in her mouth and nope she didn’t have a leg up or have any special talents. In fact, she was the babysitter’s...