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Genevieve Heng

Mindfulness Teacher and Coach

Gen is a Mindfulness Teacher and Coach. She believes that by taking care of the moments through mindfulness, these moments will help you take care of your life and your goals. She has found that by developing these skills for a healthier heart and mind, you will find yourself on the path to greater fulfilment and well-being.

As a coach, she frequently works with those going through significant decisions or transitions. She's also been through a few of those herself, having been a medical doctor, recruiter and HR leader in previous lives!


Can Mindfulness help with your Career? Genevieve Heng #31

Picture this. You wake up tired and you are late. It’s a Monday morning and you have a presentation with your boss. You feel groggy and down. You just had to sprint to make the train. On your way out, someone bumps into you a...