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Kayla Wong

Founder, Basics for Basics

Founder of ethical brand Basics for Basics, Kayla Wong graduated from fashion school with a degree in merchandise marketing. 3 years ago started her brand in pursuit of her passion to make a difference through fashion. Focusing on ethical, sustainable and all natural products; she has a well rounded knowledge of the current ethical market. She has been recognized by a variety of brands as an influencer in the current digital world. Her goal is to continue to push forward a movement of love and to educate more people on the topic of ethical fashion and fair-trade. She’s also an LGBTQ+ advocate in Hong Kong.


#17 - Kayla Wong | Founder, Basics for Basics | Constantly ask yourself questions

Kayla Wong is in the house this week! She is one of the most inspirational role model we have here in Hong Kong, a great champion for the youth, she advocates for sustainability fashion, LGBT and gender issues. Another fantas...