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Lara Quie

Executive Coach, Podcaster

Lara Quie is a business and executive coach specialising in the legal industry. Formerly a corporate lawyer and APAC head of business development for an international law firm, Lara discovered coaching when she had a life event that caused her to redesign her life. Lara’s mission is to help people live their best life now without any regrets. She is passionate about motivating and inspiring people to step out of their comfort zone.

Lara is the Founder & CEO of Lara Q Associates, a boutique business and executive coaching consultancy in Singapore.


#4 - Lara Quie | Executive Coach, Ex-Lawyer | Come out of your shell

This week we have the amazing Lara Quie on the show! She has had what people would consider to be a very successful career, an Oxford Graduate Lawyer. For Lara, this was not enough. She made a hard decision to leave the legal...