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Mabel Lau


Mabel is a contemporary Chinese calligrapher based in Hong Kong, specialising in regular (楷), clerical (隸) and running (行)fonts!

She has been using calligraphy as a part of my meditation practice for over a decade, and as a medium to express her personal beliefs and feelings towards life. Through the movement and flow of Chinese characters, she hopes to help her audience find positivity, calmness through my offerings and embrace the art of slow living in our hectic world.

She also provides commission artwork, engravings, and also work with corporates on brand activations and workshops


#11 - Mabel Lau | Calligrapher | You have to try a lot of things

What’s in your head when you hear Chinese Calligraphy? A retired old man who studied Chinese Literature? This is further from the truth - Mabel doesn’t see knowing Chinese as the basic requirement in Chinese Calligraphy, nor ...