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Regina Larko

Podcaster, Founder of #Impact

Regina Larko has Masters Degree in Sinology in Vienna and Beijing. She relocated to China in 2009 and worked for the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung in Shanghai in civic education, curating conference programmes for Chinese audiences in Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong. In 2017 she  started #impact podcast in Hong Kong.

#impact Podcast loves getting the word out about the work of visionaries making our world a better place with their innovative solutions.
We are a purpose-driven audio storytelling platform based in Hong Kong, reaching a passionate, global audience who are interested in social change, sustainability, and community initiatives. Lead by #impact founder Regina Larko, our hosts currently record from Hong Kong, Sydney, Berlin, Bali, Honolulu, and New York.


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I was honoured to be alongside the hosts of In The Changing Room and KELY Support Group (This Hong Kong Life). The panel was of-course hosted by the wonderful Regina Larko who we had on #14 - the founder of #impact. We had th...


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Regina is one of the people who pushed me to start podcasting, but without her knowing! That is the power of this platform, everyone can have a voice on here, every story is valid, and you never know how one story can change ...