Season 1 EP1

Hong Kong - one of the biggest city in the world. Known for its fast-paced and efficiency, the city truly never sleeps, the powerhouse of Asia. A city where 7-11 is king, and 5 mins equals forever. Convenience and speed is the minimum requirement for anything you do here, everyday life is on fast forward x4. This week we look into what makes Hong Kong Hong Kong? Is it the Dim Sum, is it the Skyscrapers or is it *DRUMROLL* Minibuses

Awkward Turtle:
Every week, we go above water to explore today’s social norms with a twist, along side some pretty bad jokes.

Bringing you a different kind of blue Mondays, straight to your ear.

I promise you some giggles on the way, but not to a full-on snort laugh. The Awkward Turtle wouldn't do this to you in public.

To always seeing the funny side of life!

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