Season 1 EP7

Ohhh what I would do to be born in the 2000s. Where the internet is on fleek and everything is so woahhh. Technology was a very different thing when I was growing up. WorkArt and Pinball were the best apps, where today TikTok and Instagram takes the crown. We also talk about how the memes culture have evolved from he original planking and Harlem Shake. Memes are now so commonly used, what will this mean for the future?!

Awkward Turtle:
Every week, we go above water to explore today’s social norms with a twist, along side some pretty bad jokes.

Bringing you a different kind of blue Mondays, straight to your ear.

I promise you some giggles on the way, but not to a full-on snort laugh. The Awkward Turtle wouldn't do this to you in public.

To always seeing the funny side of life!

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