Sept. 13, 2021

Why is LinkedIn important? Why do you have a LinkedIn Profile? Karen Tisdell - LinkedIn Profile Writer, Trainer #21

I must admit as a recruiter, I never fully utilised LinkedIn as a platform. I, like many people uses LinkedIn because we feel we should be on there, it’s a platform to connect recruiter & candidates with job opportunities. But Karen has a very different angle of this, listen to the LinkedIn expert yourself! 


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Karen Tisdell

LinkedIn Profile Writer, Trainer

An early adopter of LinkedIn, Karen Tisdell recognised the platform’s potential in 2005 when working as a recruiter. Foreseeing the importance of how industry experts are perceived online, Karen began her LinkedIn profile writing business. A decade on she ranked as one of the top 8 independent LinkedIn trainers across Asia Pacific, and has facilitated training for sales teams in some of the biggest companies in Australia, while writing profiles for small business owners and job seekers.