Awkward Turtle At Work with Emery Fung

Awkward Turtle At Work with Emery Fung

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#16 - Gigi Chan | Fitness coach and consultant | Work smarter not harder

July 25, 2021

It was only a matter a time I have Gigi on the podcast! Gigi is one of the most active people I know, she lives and breathes active lifestyle. Always smashing it in everything she does - she recently branched out to Shanghai to continue her career in fitness, redefining and always pushing the socia…

Guest: Gigi Chan

#15 - Sophia Hotung | Illustrator & Writer | Enthusiasm over talent

July 18, 2021

Hong Kong is an amazing place to meet some amazing people. Well, I met this week’s guest, Sophia in the streets of Hong Kong! We had a genuine conversation about what work means for someone living with disability, what your identity is when your ‘productivity’ looks different to other people, how y…

Guest: Sophia Hotung

#14 - Regina Larko | Podcaster, Founder of #Impact | Allow yourself to have doubts

July 11, 2021

Regina is one of the people who pushed me to start podcasting, but without her knowing! That is the power of this platform, everyone can have a voice on here, every story is valid, and you never know how one story can change someone’s life. Have a listen to why she fell in love with audio! Follow G…

Guest: Regina Larko

#13 - Dan Dan Zhu | Founder & CEO, DG Recruit | When you are special, you earn special money

June 27, 2021

Everyone wants to retire early. Well Dan Dan did it when she was 28 🤯, and nope she wasn’t born with a sliver spoon in her mouth and nope she didn’t have a leg up or have any special talents. In fact, she was the babysitter’s daughter. But she found a way, listen to how she made herself special to …

Guest: Dan Dan Zhu